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May 6, 2019 Girl Loft Bed

Stylish Girls Loft Bed with Playhouse

Girls loft bed with playhouse – Bedtime can be a trial period for the parents, but it’s based youth “to something more exciting can help to convince the kids to go to sleep when it’s time. The large amount of empty space in the loft beds can be ideal for this purpose, with the addition of a quilt along with a few changes, transformed into a theater exciting or strong in the middle of the bedroom for your child. Make a girls loft bed with playhouse, Measure the width of the opening under the bed loft and add 8 inches. This is how big the quilt will be. Measure the distance from the ground to the top of the opening and then the opening to driving on the opposite side of the bed loft. Add these measurements together and add 8 inches. This is the length of the quilt should be.



Make a girls loft bed with playhouse, Draw a rectangle on the covers of these measures and cut with a utility knife. Fold the raw edges of the quilt just cut ΒΌ inch and sew a hem around the edge of the blanket on all sides but one of the shorter sides. Measure in the middle of the remaining raw edge and make a mark at this point with chalk.

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Make a girls loft bed with playhouse, Cut vertically upward from the chalk mark to a point about two-thirds of the way between the floor and the top of the opening. Sew a hem on both sides of this reduction. This is the door to the tent. Sew two thin strips of Velcro – one near the bottom of the cut side of the quilt and one near the top – so that pairs of Velcro line up.

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